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a few ideas for storing jewelry…
November 25, 2009, 8:35 pm
Filed under: Jewelry Storage

I often get questions on the best way to store jewelry, especially necklaces and bracelets.   A nice jewelry box or a jewelry armoire are always great options, but here are a few alternatives that have worked for me and my clients…

  • If you have an extra drawer to spare, I definitely recommend utilizing drawers for storing jewelry.  Jewelry divider inserts, such as the dividers below from The Container Store,  will help to  keep all of your jewelry pieces nicely & neatly hidden away in a drawer. 

  • To help keep control of  necklaces and bracelets, a basic kitchen mug holder can make an inexpensive, creative display of your jewelry.  (I have a lot of my grandmother’s costume jewelry that I hate to keep hidden away, so this allows me to display and enjoy her pieces all the time!)

  • Another really easy idea for necklace storage is to drape the necklaces over a picture frame.  This helps to avoid getting things all tangled up so it’s ready to wear when you want it.


  • A tie/belt rack can also be a great way to hang and display necklaces and bracelets.  Again, a great way to keep your jewelry where you can see it.