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Holiday Gift-Wrapping Ideas
December 14, 2009, 5:41 pm
Filed under: Holiday Ideas

The holidays are a really busy time for all of us.  To make the holiday season a little bit easier this year, here are a few ideas to help simplify your gift-wrapping :

Choose 1-2 solid colors; you can use these all year and just use ribbons & bows to decorate for the occasion.  For example, more often than not, I use solid white paper and dress up the packages with ribbons and bows. 


 Utilize things you have around the house to wrap your gifts.  A brown paper bag makes great gift-wrap.  Just turn inside out and wrap it up.  Tie up your package with  ribbons or bows, or decorate the paper itself…better yet, make it really personal and have your kids help decorate the paper.

 Utilize the newspaper…the colored comics make fun gift-wrap for kids.



  Maps…great way to reuse out-of-date maps!



   Wrap the gift in something they can use…scarves & pashminas make great gifts and add a nice touch when you wrap them around a gift.

  And remember….you don’t have to wrap everything.  I learned this idea from the big guy at the North Pole:

At our house, Santa wouldn’t always wrap all of our gifts.  I grew up with 7 siblings, so that would have been a ton of work for him.  Santa would wrap a gift or two for each of us, then he would set out our gifts throughout the room and place our stocking on top so we would know which were ours.  I think it was a lot easier for Santa and, as kids, we loved that we could sneak out at 5am Christmas morning and see what Santa gave us!

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